Yangjiang kiling  Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, China.  My  factory has 18 years of production history, total of more than 6000 square meters of plant, perfect production equipment, technical personnel and professional equipment in the design of new products and molds, with the design, development and production capacity of new products and the production capacity of large orders. My  factory mainly produces  with stainless steel and plastics as raw materials,As  kitchen knives, Kitchen cheese knife, pizza knife, seasoning bottle, fork spoon, cake mold, coaster, cream knife, ice cream spoon, ice needle, stainless steel lunch box, meat box, sausage dish,And  also mass production of barbecue tooks , As BBQ knife, BBO fork, BBQ spatula Etc, And  also the production the multitool, bottle opener, wine opener, and pocket knife .   

Quality is high, Price is  reasonable , shipment goods on time and nice service , Let my goods are hot sale to Germany, Belgium, England, Netherlands, Spain and other European countries.